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Who We Are

Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners has raised tens of millions of dollars across a variety of brands, ranging from CPG to SaaS. Our team of seasoned experts brings decades of experience, so we know what it takes to build, maintain and successfully exit, when the opportunities arise.

With over 20 years of investing experience, Founder Rogers Healy is a seasoned investor, as well as a multi-time startup guru. As a founder of multiple companies, ranging from the real estate to the memorabilia space, Rogers considers his secret weapon to be his eye for talent. Being a business owner, Rogers knows what it takes and what makes a company successful, all while keeping the focus on the team and the mission.

As fate would have it, Rogers made his first investment in the world of venture capital in the early 2010’s, in the then pre-revue men’s clothing company, Mizzen + Main. He fell in love with the idea of connecting the dots in the ecosystem of finance, and has since become one of North America’s most active investors. After over a decade of actively investing in deals ranging from CPG to SaaS, Rogers founded Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners. “MoSe” has quickly made a name for themselves, with early-stage investments in companies ranging from baby monitors to tequila to trading cards, and have been able to add a new layer of experience to venture capitalism.

What We Do

Morrison Seger Venture Capital Partners offers investors unique opportunities to gain access to a diverse group of industry leading early and late stage brands, across a variety of sectors. We believe in matching the perfect group of investors with the right brands, to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

MoSe brings together a dedicated internal strategic investor and advisory database, coupled with knowledge of the broader consumer landscape to level up for the next stage of growth, all while anticipating liquidity events.

when We invest

We believe in the

We know there are big things to come for all the companies we invest in. We believe our time and investment is going towards something GREAT.

The brand is recognizable

We invest in brands that stand out. Whether they aredisrupting their industries or industry leaders, Morrison Seger is there for the journey.

Price matches
the value

We value quality product and services here at Morrison Seger,
believing that what you pay for is exactly what you get.

The brand is

We invest in brands that
get the gears turning
and the excitement
burning as we help them grow.

Morrison Seger, LLC is not registered as an investment advisor
with either the SEC or with any state regulatory authority.

Morrison Seger, LLC is not registered as an investment advisor with either the SEC or with any state regulatory authority.

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